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Promoting positive outcomes for individuals and their families through Applied Behavior Analysis

Life Skills and Community-Based Instruction
Promote independence, self-determination, and confidence with our life skills/CBI programs. Your child or adolescent will learn critical skills that lead to a productive, independent life. Increase participation with  peers in a variety of settings and social situations. Increase quality family experiences and everyday routines in the community.
Self-pay may apply-please call for more information

Be sure to visit the Autism Parent for our exclusive Target Teacher: Autism Skill Building Curriculum! 

The Autism Parent Toolbox

Learn how to teach your child new skills and behavior. The Autism Parent Toolbox and the Target Teacher: Autism Skill Building Curriculum are great for teaching your child language, communication, behavior, daily living skills and more! Choose from 3 plans and have access to all of our courses and curriculum products. 

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